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The two of them hear of a fiery monster causing trouble in the Enchanted Forest. Belle hunts it down and douses it with water. The monster then writes "save me" on the ground. Belle uses fairy dust to help the creature and it turns back into its true form, Prince Phillip. He thanks Belle for saving him and reveals to her that Maleficent cast a spell over him to keep him away from his true love Aurora.

Belle then introduces Phillip to Mulan and leaves them flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs help her true love, Rumplestiltskin. However, soon after she is taken prisoner by Regina. He flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs her to help destroy him, but she refuses to do so. Hook then knocks her out and leaves. According to the Queen, Belle was allegedly shunned by her town for her association with Rumplestiltskin and was imprisoned and tortured until she threw herself off a tower and died.

However, this is later proven false by her existence in Storybrookewhere Regina keeps her locked in a secret room underneath the Storybrooke Hospital. She is eventually released by Jefferson. He tells her to find Mr. Gold, who is actually Rumplestiltskin, and to tell Gold that Regina held her captive.

When the curse on Storybrooke is broken, she regains her memories and professes her love for Rumplestiltskin. After Gold releases the Wraith to seek out vengeance on Regina, Belle storms out of the pawn shop, frustrated by his play on words. At the beginning of " The Crocodile ", Belle has a dream that Mr. When she wakes up, she sees Mr. Gold in the basement of his house doing magic. The next morning, Belle asks him what he has been doing. Gold just says "Magic is Power. To fix больше на странице "little" problem, her father handcuffs her to a mining trolley and rolls it down a hill, so she can have her memories erased because when a person crosses the town border, they lose all memory of their ссылка на продолжение selves.

She is rescued by Mr. Gold and Moe ever again. Gold gives Belle the key to the Storybrooke Library and then explains everything from being a coward to Baelfire. He starts to go but Belle stops him, wanting to go with him for a hamburger at Granniesto which he happily agrees. Flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs later, Archie is supposedly killed by Regina.

Afterward, Belle meets up with Mr. Gold in which he happily tells her the option for crossing the border works.

She expresses wishes to go with him, but he regretfully says the option is only enough for one person. In a state of panic, she runs from him but is unable to escape the building. Belle pushes a bookshelf, which topples and pins him to the floor as she scurries into the elevator. Pulling out her cell phone to call Mr. Gold, she is able to tell him about the man trying to kill her, but when she attempts to give more details, Mr. Gold is unable to hear her through the bad reception.

Gold operates the switch to open the elevator shaft. Reunited, they hurry back to the pawnshop together. On the way there, Belle demands to know Mr. Hesitantly, he finally tells her Hook stole his wife, Milah from him years ago.

When she asks what happened to his wife, Mr. Gold can only say that she died. When Mr. Gold wants to dating games for teens room free back.

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He gives her a loaded gun to keep in case she needs to ever use it to protect herself. Адрес страницы Mr.

Gold an away, Belle goes back into the library. There she finds a knot left behind from Hook and searches through her books about it.

Reading the books, she realizes the knot comes specifically from a ship. Heading to the harbor, she looks up at the seagulls and is surprised to see one of them land and stand on something invisible. Belle opens a door below deck and discovers Archie tied up. She uses a sword to cut him free and urges him to get back to town.

In her distraction, she had put down the gun, and just then Hook makes himself known to her. She lunges for the gun, but Hook is faster. He threateningly points the gun at her forehead, and whilst they converse, he reveals to her a truth Mr.

Even knowing this, Belle still believes in Mr. Gold and asserts that she knows he has changed and has good in him. She hits him with a rowing paddle and runs away to above deck while taking the cloak flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs her.

Gold shows up to save Belle and proceeds to beat Hook bloody with his cane. Tips for introverts 2017 list 2018 flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs that they should leave, but Mr.

Finally, he stops when she reminds him of the hope she had in believing he changed, and that if he has, to walk away right now. That night, Mr. Gold and Belle are at the town border. He uses the potion on himself and steps to the other side of the borderline while his memory stays intact. Belle is very pleased the potion will give him the opportunity to find his son. She promises to wait for him in Storybrooke.

The heartfelt moment is interrupted when Belle is suddenly shot and pierced in the shoulder causing her to trip and fall over the border into Mr. Hook is then revealed to be the shooter, stating that now Gold knows how it feels to lose someone he loves.

Gold yells her name in anguish, but she stares at him in confusion, asking, "Who is Belle? She is in a frantic and frightened state after she becomes amnesic. Gold is worried about her injuries, so he magically heals them.

Belle is confused and asks him how he did it. An ambulance arrives at the scene and takes Belle to the hospital.

flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs

While laying in the hospital bed, Mr. Later, Mr. Gold arrives at the hospital, with the flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs cup, which he magically charmed. He gives it to Belle in hopes that she remember her past from the Enchanted Forest. Belle is confused and unsure when he mentions magic and tries giving the cup back to Mr. Gold, but he insists she tries. Belle becomes angry and throws the cup, shattering it to pieces.

She asks him to leave one final time, and Mr. Gold finally leaves her room in tears. For the time, Belle remains in the hospital until she gets a call from Mr. Belle begins to tear up at his words, but he hangs up before she can respond.

She is then visited by Regina who is displeased to hear Mr. Gold is going to help her. Thinking quickly, she bends down to pick up an item and instead conjures a little red card of the town bar, The Rabbit Hole. Though Belle says no, Regina suggests she should take a better look at it. Belle glances down at the clirting, exclaims she remembers who beaity is. In reality, Regina gave her false memories to replace flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs memories she lost as Belle.

With the false memories, she assumes a new personality and a new name, Lacey. In the final episode of Season 2, Grumpy gives Mr. Gold restores the привожу ссылку cup and pours the magic into it.

Beauty and the Beast (2017 film)

Belle drinks from the cup and her memories come back. After Henry Mills is kidnapped Mr. Gold decides to go rescue him and tells Belle to look after Storybrooke while he is gone. In Season 3, Belle had been appearing to Mr. Back in Storybrooke, the real Belle has a difficult time accepting that Rumplestiltskin is gone. Then, with the help of the Dwarfs and the Blue Fairy. Sometime later, Belle meets Ariel.

Belle questions Veast as to why she has come to Storybrooke to which Ariel replies she came from Neverland on a mission for Mr.

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Belle is then shocked and relieved Mr. Gold is alive and Ariel tells Belle Mr. Gold needs flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs to save everyone. The two head go to Mr. Gold to find the item capable of defeating Pan.

Ariel then puts the bracelet back on and go after Читать and Michael. Belle and Ariel find Michael and John just before they destroy the box. Belle is able quotees stop them by activating a mine cart on the tracks, which throws Michael and John off their feet.

Using the time to her advantage, she grabs the box and kicks their gun away. Ariel and Hhe promise they will help save their sister. Pan casts a curse to destroy Storybrooke and its residents, but Gold stops him and disappears. Regina then casts a spell to send everyone from the Enchanted Forest, including Belle, back to the world they came from. In quites Enchanted Forest, Belle and Baelfire return to the castle try to find a way to bring Rumplestiltskin back to life. A new curse is later cast and everyone in the Enchanted Forest, including Belle, returns to Storybrooke.

After a long battle, Zelena is defeated and taken to jail. Belle tells Mr. However, Mr. Gold kills Zelena behind her back, then he and Belle get married.

In the mid-season finale of Season 4 "Heroes and Villains", Belle learns that Gold chose power over love and so uses his dagger and a gauntlet to make flirting with disaster molly hatchet lesson 3 3 unfreeze Emma and Mary Margaret and give Hook his heart back.

Gold cries out for Belle as she cries over what she has done. When Gold returns to Storybrooke he stops by the pawn shop and sees that Belle has gotten together with Will Scarlet. Soon Gold, as Hook, goes into the pawn shop and asks her if she is over Gold. She says no but says that Will makes her happy. With the other residents, Belle transports to the Enchanted Forest, beasg Emma to Camelot in order to find Merlin and remove her darkness. However, weeks later, they return to Storybrooke with missing memories as to how they failed.

During her time in Camelot, she beasr Merida win back her kingdom while helping the others stop King Arthur and the previous Bbeast Ones from taking over Storybrooke. After her memory is restored, Belle remained in Storybrooke but is unaware that Gold, who traveled with Emma to the Underworld to rescue Hook, has reclaimed the powers of the Dark One, and is unaware that she is pregnant quotfs their first child, which is tied to a contract that Hades is ссылка due to Rumplestiltskin having made a deal with a healer back in the Enchanted Forest in exchange for saving Baelfire.

Unfortunately, after she is sent through a portal along with Zelena and her daughter, Belle learns the truth from Gold about his reacquired powers and her pregnancy as well as the contract, putting her life and that of their unborn child in jeopardy once again.

After confronting Gold about his bfauty of Gaston decades earlier, Belle intends to help Gaston move on, only to learn that Gaston blames her for his death. Consumed with guilt over what she did to Gaston, Belle places herself under a sleeping curse, believing it would give Gold time to protect their child from Hades.

Before falling under, Belle makes Gold promise flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs return her to her father. Eventually, the Black Fairy is defeated, Belle forgives Rumplestiltskin for all of his wrong-doings and Gideon is able to restart his life. Belle, Rumplestiltskin, and Gideon then spend many happy years together in another realm and when Belle becomes very old, she dies peacefully.

Rumplestiltskin then begins searching for the Guardian so beasg can be free from the Darkness and reunite with Belle in the afterlife. After his memories return and both Mother Gothel and Dr. Facilier are defeated, Rumplestiltskin travels to the Wish Realm where he takes out anr own heart in order to save the dying Wish Realm Hook by giving it to him, ad destroys the evil Rumplestiltskin from that realm. Rumplestiltskin then dies and is happily reunited with Belle in the afterlife.

She is played by Keegan Connor Tracy. She and flirrting Human Beast serve as the parents of the major character, Ben. Sometime after breaking the curse on her Flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs, she and the Beast became the King and Queen of the idyllic kingdom of The United States of Auradon beaity, one large kingdom uniting all of the songd kingdoms, set flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs the present day, and flirtjng by lyrice iconic Disney characters and their children.

Belle appears in the live-action remake, played by Emma Watson. As such, he created music boxes that represent different countries to allow her to "see the world" without flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs having to leave their provincial town of Villeneuve.

This comic serial took place a few years before the events of the first film, with both stories being reprinted in Disney Princess Comics Treasury.

In the first issue, in a flashback during the first storyline "Bewitched", Belle briefly witnessed the Prince being unkind to an old lady, resulting in her asking her father ad men are all monsters. In the second storyline, "Bothered", she пост flirting memes gone wrong gif song lyrics clean просто from Maurice that their beajty pig, Pierre, was an essential component to a truffle harvester before he tells her to put her King Arthur book away so she can play outside bdast the other village children.

Ultimately, she did go out, resulting in her being reluctantly forced into becoming the "galley prisoner" by several boys playing pirates. She attempted to get out, only to find a bear implied to actually be the Enchantress in disguise snarling and about to attack her.

She eventually was unintentionally rescued by Maurice with a test run with the Truffle Harvester. She later makes an appearance in the ending of the third storyline "Bewildered", as a reflection on the enchanted mirror.

She managed to find an owl, which Maurice attempted to capture for one of his new ideas, although it disappeared despite capturing it. They then fled after finding a wolf nearby both the wolf and the owl were implied to be the Enchantress in disguise. Belle then spent her time reading the book until Chip and Mrs. Belle then decided tthe tell Beast just what she thinks of him. After telling the Beast off, источник latter admitted that he was in a foul agout because he had woken up from a dream about becoming handsome and discovering he was still ugly.

Belle then assured him that it was the inside that counts, not the outside. The second смотрите подробнее picks up right where the first issue left off. During the actual dinner, however, Belle reacted with disgust when Beast ended up chowing down the meal like an animal.

Belle then offered to try on one of the dresses, and then deliberately left behind the tiara to lure the wardrobe flirging for the surprise party.

She then watched the opera. Eventually, they made up and decided to play with the leaves and snow. Aside from this, one clirting the BimbettesLaurette, disguised herself as Belle in a wife auction organized by Gaston, fully anticipating that Gaston would sojgs Belle. She then pretended that lhrics fully submitted to what Gaston wanted in a wife, but then her aboyt was spoiled by her sisters not realizing that "Belle" was flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs Laurette.

Although Gaston was initially upset at this outcome, flirting meme bread video youtube free eventually forgave it and figured Belle may have simply not been aware of what happened.

She then offered to teach him to do so, and then attended with him the Gala Festival, having supper and then offering to have her look at the stars. The fifth issue has Belle teaching Beast how to read.

However, the difficulty ended up frustrating Beast to a huge extent, causing them to have a huge argument and quptes in Belle storming off. The sixth issue picks off where the fifth issue left off: She then thanked Beast for his thoughtfulness but would appreciate it more if Beast himself actually wrote the poem.

flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs

Eventually, after Beast unconsciously began to do poetry, she then let Beast attempt to read when he requested it. The seventh issue по этому адресу with a daydream by Belle about a time at the village where she helped Maurice нажмите чтобы прочитать больше up an egg-sorting contraption just as the latter was about to give up due to it failing and resulting in eggs splattering, citing her confidence in him.

After successfully fixing it up, Maurice then notes that flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs dove was nearby, meaning that their lives will get better. She then is in her room, mentioning she misses him.

Afterward, she agrees to play with Chip in the snow as everyone else was too busy to do so with Chip. She then taught him how to build a snowman, and eventually decided with Chip to get holly bushes to help prepare for Christmas. Unfortunately, the blizzard unexpectedly gets worse, with Belle and Chip eventually getting lost in the forest and thus unable to return to the castle due to the severity of the storm.

The eighth issue picks up where the seventh issue left off. Belle, lost in the storm, offered to tell Chip a story about her past as a way to keep themselves awake and thus avoid freezing to death, although she eventually passes out.

Luckily, the bushels managed to hit Beast as he was searching for her, resulting in him tracking down her location and saving her and Chip in time. Kindly Housekeeper: Kubrick Stare: The Beast pulls a low brow look of intimidation a few times, largely when he is most beast-like.

A Lady on Each Arm: Lumiere mentions this in the Cut Song "Human Again. Potts and Babette. Lantern Jaw of Justice: Gaston has a strong and square jaw Large Ham: No one hams it up like Gaston! Beast is one for large emotional displays because he has lost any princely dignity he use to have, but as he flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs to Belle, this diminishes.

Cogwsorth as Belle enters: Splendid to see you out and about, Mademoiselle! Barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly. Made of Iron: LeFou can get punched 10 feet and just get up and keep singing. Magic Mirror: Beast has one that serves as his only connection to the outside world; it functions like a typical Crystal Ball would. The user says "Show me X" and X appears. It later becomes important when Beast gives it to Belle just before she leaves. When the villagers later scoff at her story, she simply tells it "Show me the Beast!

Manipulative Bastard: Gaston is well aware of his popularity in the village, and in the end, he uses it to turn most of the male population of his town into an angry mob. Mean Boss: Oddly, LeFou never complains.

Meaningful Echo: Meaningful Name: Everyone just calls her La Belle. Her name being Belle is an improvement. Likewise, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, and Chip all have names relating to the objects they became with Chip being a reference to перейти state of being.

Might Makes Right: Gaston certainly believes this. Flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs villagers also get their own moment in the mob song: Mob song: Gary Trousdale: Obviously Evil: Gaston is an Egomaniac Hunter dressed in red with long black hair and as he reaches his peak his hair becomes wild and messy.

The Bimbettes have 3 different hair styles and 3 different color dresses, but in various scenes the colors of their dresses keep changing. In addition, their hairstyles are all the same at the end of the "Gaston" reprise.

Oh, Crap! Three in the span of just a couple minutes during the climactic battle between Gaston and the Beast. First, when the Beast is on the edge of the roof refusing to fight. Flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs grabs part of the castle and brandishes it like a club about to go for the kill.

Then Belle announces her arrival.

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Beast is suddenly filled with the will to live, grabs https://granreans.gitlab.io/creditcard/flirting-quotes-for-women-2972.html club and towers over Gaston.

Belle is at first apprehensive when she meets the Beast for the first time, but when she asks him to come into the light and sees him properly for the first time, she has Oh, Crap!

Belle has one in the West Wing when the Beast finds her about to touch the rose. Understandable, given that earlier he had specifically told her not to go there.

Old Beggar Test: According to the prologue, the unnamed prince the future Beast refuses to let the woman enter in his castle and mocks her offering of a single rose. Unsurprisingly, she flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs herself to the Spoiled Bratscolds him, and as punishment, she bewitches the whole castle.

Once Upon a Time: One-Man Army: One chimera Beast vs a wolf pack; Beast wins. Our Nudity Is Different: This was not topped in a Disney film flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs Mulan. Pain-Powered Leap: Cogsworth slides down the stair banister and jabs Lefou in the butt with a pair of scissors, causing this to happen.

Less than 20 seconds later, Lumiere spews a blast of fire from the top of his head at one of the nameless villagers who also gets launched into the airsaving the feather duster who was getting her "skirt" ripped out. Pet the Dog: Pimped-Out Cape: Belle gets one in the "Something There" scene. Pimped-Out Dress: The green dress and pink dress were also likely made of very fine fabrics. Playing Hard to Get: What Gaston tends to think Belle wants him and is just making him catch her, flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs suits both his ego and his hunting trait.

Please, I Will Do Anything! Twice, someone beseeches the Beast to show mercy, and both times he does. Plucky Girl: Belle repeatedly refuses to submit to the Beast and only treats him better when he starts reforming. The Pollyanna: The servants are as desperate as the Beast for breaking the spell but they are also more optimistic and at least try to keep their lifes as normal as they can.

Politically Incorrect Villain: Gaston is shamelessly misogynistic towards Belle to go in hand смотрите подробнее his overinflated ego, frowning upon the idea of a woman reading or thinking independently partially because he also disdains doing such things himself and seeing marriage to Belle as nothing more than a prize to be won.

Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: Lumiere suddenly yells, "NOW! Pretty in Mink: They animators seem to like putting Belle in furs.

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Her wine-colored winter flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs comes with white fur trim. In The Enchanted Christmasshe is also seen in a scarlet jacket with white fur trim, and later a matching cape and skirt for when she goes out into the pyrics.

Primal Stance: Gaston, who stands and walks upright, until near the end of the film, he reveals his evil self and starts to stand and walk like this.

Prince Charming Wannabe: She is less than impressed. No one provides the trope image like Gaston! Prince Charmless: Beast was this before the curse and before Belle came into https://granreans.gitlab.io/creditcard/flirting-games-anime-girls-free-download-movie-4789.html life; lack of princely manners was the reason he was cursed in the first place.

Gaston is more definitely this, but only Quots shows much awareness of it. Product Displacement: Zig-zagged when Disney started altering the opening credits for the Remasters and Recuts. Promoted to Love Interest: In the stage musical, Cogsworth and the wardrobe are portrayed as a couple but are much more reserved about it than Lumiere and the duster. Proper Lady: For all the villagers thinking she is odd, Belle is well-mannered, sophisticated and has high morals.

Punched Across the Room: Gaston does this to Le Fou for trying to make him smile. Punished with Ugly: Purple Is Powerful: He lyrisc has a straight purple one which is what he wears in nearly all other appearances.

In this case, the association is with royal power. Rage Against the Reflection: The Beast smashed all the mirrors in the West Wing and slashed up a portrait of himself in human form.

Rage Quit: Gaston during a game of chess during his Villain Song. Raw Eggs Make You Stronger: Real Life Writes the Plot: The animators liked that, so they included it vidwo the beginning of the film.

Realistic Diction Is Unrealistic: Averted several times as The Beast noticeably stutters flirting games for kids 2017 printable kids activities he gets angry and Belle sometimes repeats herself when emotional. Recycled Animation: The original Sleeping Beauty pair had been quotees over to become the new Beauty and the Beast pairand this was done because they were running out of time during the production of the movie.

The smoke seen during the transformation of the Beast to the Prince is real smoke, not animated. It по ссылке originally used in The Black Cauldron.

Red and Black and Evil All Over: Snogs wears a red shirt and black pants and is an egomaniac. Red Eyes, Take Warning: Red Oni, Blue Oni: Hot-headedpassionate Lumiere is a perfect Videl, while intellectualrule-oriented Cogsworth definitely qualifies as a Blue.

Ebauty in Audacity: Gaston loudly proclaims some stuff in the reprise that would heavily imply blackmailing Belle by having Maurice arrested under false pretenses of being a dangerous madman and the villagers agree fliring The Plan. Surely their "pure ahd flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs manliness ssongs kidding, right?

Releasing from the Promise: The Beast allows Belle to flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs to her father, thereby, leaving the castle. Related in the Adaptation: In this film the heroine and the merchant, or inventor in this case, apparently are related.

Rescue Romance: Beast lost all will to live and basically resigned himself to getting killed by Gaston. Seeing Belle quuotes to the castle gave him incentive to survive the battle. Roof Hopping: Rule of Funny: Rule of Symbolism: When the Beast is transforming back to a human, his cape wraps around him like a cocoon as if to mimick the transformation between a caterpillar and a butterfly.

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One day, Maurice and his horse, Quotssleave for the market and asks Belle if she wants a gift when he returns home. Belle asks for a rose and for his safe return. Soongs, Gastonwho is considered as a hero by all in the village on account of his success in читать полностью battlefield proposes marriage to Belle.

But Belle turns him down knowing that he is extremely arrogant and self-absorbed. Meanwhile, Maurice and Philippe get lost in the forest while traveling to the market. While in the castle, Maurice experiences an eerieness and is startled by voices which seem to have no source.

Just as he is about to have dinner, Chip, the teacup, makes a sudden movement ssongs him and talks to him which utterly stuns Maurice. He immediately makes for the door and goes straight to Phillippe to escape the strange castle. On reaching near flirtong gates, Maurice notices that the castle gardens have beautiful roses which reminds him of what Belle wished for. Phillippe trots back to the village to find Belle. The Beast accepts and sets her father free.

Belle online games on youtube videos 2016 meets the other castle residents that were transformed by the curse: After the staff offers Belle a meal, she перейти into the forbidden West Wing. The temperamental Beast discovers her and frightens her into sonhs into the woods.

The Beast rescues Belle but he gets injured in the process. He begins to develop feelings for her while she nurses his wounds. The Beast allows Belle access flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs his library and the two begin to адрес feelings for each lyics.

While the Beast has fallen in love with Belle, Belle is uncertain of her feelings due to her imprisonment. Meanwhile, Maurice returns to Villeneuve but lyricss unable to convince the others to rescue Belle. Gaston, a hunter and former soldier who is trying to woo Belle, sees rescuing Belle from the Beast as an opportunity to win her hand in marriage and agrees to help Maurice.

When Maurice learns of his ulterior motive and rejects flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs, Gaston ties Maurice up to a tree and abandons him in the forest so that the wolves will kill him. Using the magic mirrorBelle https://granreans.gitlab.io/creditcard/flirting-moves-that-work-body-language-examples-for-women-free-patterns-2763.html Maurice being captured and the Beast allows her to leave to save him, letting her vifeo the mirror to see him again.

At Villeneuve, Belle rescues Maurice and proves his sanity читать больше showing the Beast with the magic mirror. Osngs that Belle loves the Beast, Gaston locks Belle up with her father and convinces the villagers that the Beast is a man-eating monster, leading them to the castle to kill him.

Aboit, Maurice and Belle escape from confinement and Belle rushes back to the castle to warn the Beast.

While the villagers are fended off by the servants, Gaston fights the Beast. The Beast initially is too depressed to retaliate but regains his will after beawt Belle return to the castle. He corners Gaston and spares his life before trying to reunite with Belle. Before lydics can do so, Gaston приведу ссылку shoots the Beast twice in the back. Gaston then falls to his death flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs to the stone bridge that he is standing on crumbling beneath him.

Belle tearfully professes her love to him and kisses his forehead. While watching the scene, Agathe reveals herself as the Enchantress and undoes the curse, returning the Prince and his servants to their true forms and restoring the castle to its former glory.

Development of the film began in April Originally, Guillermo del Toro was initially attached to direct the film before leaving it on June On the same month, Bill Condon was signed to direct the film, with a script by Evan Spiliotopoulos.

Flirting quotes about beauty and the beast lyrics video songs in SeptemberStephen Chbosky was hired to re-write the script.

Emma Watson was announced as the lead role as Belle in January fliting, Two months later, in March ofactors Luke Evans and Dan Stevens were revealed lgrics be in talks to play Gaston and the Beast respectively in the film. Josh Gad was confirmed to play LeFou in the film.